ABACUS only accepts check or money order, no cash.

All children currently enrolled in the Attleboro Public Schools are eligible to register for the Childcare Program.  The designated space assigned will dictate the number of students enrolled each school year. A $40.00 non refundable registration fee, at time of registration, is required with a maximum registration fee of $85.00 per family.  A completed registration form is also required for each child.  The information is confidential and for program staff use only.  The registration form does require the social security number of the parent/guardian responsible for payment.  This is strictly used for payment purposes and kept in a secure location.  We will not accept registrations without the social security number of the responsible party.


 Children with special needs (physical, educational or emotional) are eligible to enroll, in the program.  The program is not always able to offer specialized childcare for children with special needs.  A child’s enrollment is contingent upon the approval of the school principal.  Parents should also note that the program staff cannot administer any medication (besides EPI Pens and Inhalers) to children. (see Medication & Forms). Parents are urged to contact the Program Coordinator at 222-0309 x13, if there are individual concerns or questions regarding enrollment and registration procedures.


 Withdrawal from the Program
If parents decide to withdraw children from the program or change their schedule, a notice of two weeks is required, preferably in writing, to be sent to the ABACUS office.  In cases of unusual time constraints relating to withdrawal, parents should contact the ABACUS Main Office.


The program will serve children on school days only.  Additional childcare services may be available during school vacations, as a separate service, at additional cost. Childcare will not be provided on state or federal holidays, nor on days when school is canceled (see Days Closed List).  In the event of a cancelation or delayed opening due to inclement weather, please turn to your TV for day care information (see Inclement Weather Policy).


Individual schedules will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  We ask that you try to be as consistent as possible and notify staff early of any schedule changes to ensure that we are well prepared to care for your child.  Please advise the ABACUS office as well as your child’s school.


We offer different schedules to accommodate a variety of work schedules.  However, in doing so, we are making a good faith assumption that those children who attend our program on a part time basis are being adequately supervised at the other end of the school day.


Schedule Changes
It is assumed that the child is enrolled for the full academic year.  Your childcare fees pay for a total program package.  Therefore, fees do not change if your child is away on vacation, ill or if the program is closed due to an emergency.  If withdrawal from the program is necessary, two weeks' notice to the office is required*.  No refunds will be made for unused tuition.  Any schedule change such as adding or changing days need two weeks' notice (to the ABACUS administrative office) and we will handle this request only if the space is available.  A schedule change to drop days requires two weeks' notice*  (to the ABACUS administrative office).  The first two changes are free.  The third and subsequent changes will be charged a $10.00 service fee per child.

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