Middle Schools

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PM ABACUS - 5 days/week: $105
PM ABACUS Daily Rate: $24/day
*Daily rates are available with a 3-session minimum.
*ABACUS does not offer hourly rates


 Hours of operation

PM: Dismissal until 6:00 p.m.


In the event that the days your child attends are days we do not have ABACUS (i.e. Thanksgiving week – Wed, Thurs, Fri) payment is still expected.  However, the parent may choose replacement days within the same week.  Please be sure to inform the ABACUS office of your schedule changes in advance.



We are very aware that students of this age are close to being allowed home alone, we enjoy the additional time with them to prepare them for that step.  Middle school students are allowed time to choose preferred activities as well as socialize with friends.  Students are offered more choices and privileges in the middle school program.   



The middle school students occasionally have the opportunity to use some of the life skills they have learned on excursions into the community.  We attempt to take a few walking field trips every year to local parks, nature hikes or restaurants for a treat.  Students are encouraged to use their skills to order for themselves, handle money and use proper social etiquette.


 Visual Arts ◊ Drama ◊ Music ◊ Dance

Artistic expression is a fun release, and helps our students experience our cultures in many ways. It is also a connection to a child’s emotions, and helps our staff create strong bonds with the ABACUS students!


 Physical Activity

Throughout the day, energy builds up in children that must be released. If children are not able to physically exert themselves, this energy can manifest into negative behavior. We offer children ways to move, and exercise which are healthy for the body and mind.


 Cooking ◊ Science ◊ Crafts
Technology ◊ Mind Work ◊ Building

These activities and more are just a portion of what our staff offers our students! We pride ourselves in keeping the children engaged!



In between school, work, appointments, activities, and more, finding time for homework is difficult. At ABACUS we set aside time for students to work on homework, with access to the help and materials they need to be successful. Our staff members have been trained in the Attleboro Public Schools chosen math and reading programs, and can help guide the students with their homework.


 Social Responsibility

We take a child’s role in society seriously. The ABACUS experience helps strengthen our children’s independence and allows students to increase their conflict resolution skills. Our staff incorporates many areas of social skills into their everyday plans, and at the middle schools we like to venture out into the community with students. We find that middle school students are exposed to many situations in life and school and to model how to handle those situations is another way of guiding them in the right direction.



ABACUS hires Lead Childcare Providers, Assistant Childcare Providers, and High School Aides.  All levels of employment are based on education and experience.  All of our staff have CORI check and are required to hold current CPR/1st Aide certification.  Many of our staff have Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees.  Most of our college level students are majoring in education.



Our staff is here to create a comprehensive before and after school environment for you and your children. To make this the best experience it can be, and to serve our students’ the best we can, we are constantly communicating with our program families, classroom teachers, principals and more. We welcome your comments and your questions.

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